Trinity Primary Christmas Raffle

The prizes for the Christmas Raffle are fabulous.  Many thanks to everyone who has donated and to all of those who have already purchased tickets.  If you would still like to be in with a chance of winning, please click on the link below.

Prize winners will be announced at our Christmas Light switch on event – Thursday December 1st.   I look forward to seeing many of you there.  Please remember to wrap up warmly as we will be outside.

Best wishes

Jacqueline Scott

P1 Nativity 2022

Dear P1 Parents and Carers

I do apologise for the change of date for the P1 Nativity and hope that this doesn’t cause any inconvenience.   P1M and P1J will now share ‘Baarmy Bethlehem’ on Mon 12th and P1S and P1K on Tues 13th December at 9.15am.  

We have given a lot of consideration as to how best to approach the Nativity to allow it to fit with the play pedagogy happening in P1, to ensure that all our learners, irrespective of their needs are included, to avoid lots of time rehearsing and to allow as many family members to come along as may wish to do so.  To this end we have continued with a film approach and on the morning of the 12th and 13th you are invited to the premiere in the main hall.  Parents, carers, grannies, grandads etc are all very welcome.  

How will the premiere work?

Our children will sit with their families or their buddies to watch.

Children are invited to dress for a special occasion.  (An early introduction to an Oscars or BAAFTA ceremony!)

Refreshments will be available 

Children will share some songs

We really do hope that this will be a memorable event that everyone will enjoy.

Thank you for your support

Best wishes

Jacqueline Scott

Jacqueline Scott  | Head Teacher | Trinity Primary School

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Trinity News 28th November 2022

Dear Parents and Carers.

I’m not sure if you are like me and cannot quite believe that we are at the end of November already and Christmas is most definitely coming! 

Please see below for an update on dates and events for Christmas at TPS.  It promises to be a busy and fun filled time.    I do apologise for some changes having to be made to the dates / times shared already and hope that these do not cause you any inconvenience.

A paper copy of what’s on will be in school bags today – experience has shown that putting  this on the fridge or similar can be a help in the weeks ahead.

Thank you for your support and I hope that all our Trinity Learners enjoy Christmas at TPS!

Best wishes

Jacqueline Scott

Christmas costs : a huge thanks to the TPSA and all our school community who support them.  This support has allowed the TPSA to fund all our in schooltime Christmas activities and events.  This means there will be no cost to parents and carers for the silent disco, Star Time, parties, activity day, fun run etc.  

Christmas jumpers etc are welcome from Wednesday until the holidays.  We will be operating a Christmas clothing swap or donation table.   If you have any preloved Christmas clothing that your child has grown out of please do send into school at any point over the next few weeks – thank you.

Two years ago saw us being Christmas Crackered, last year Snowball Splattered and this year each class will be Star Struck.  At some point in December each class will secretly stick a star on another classroom door, share a joke and leave a gift.  Remember to ask your child if they’ve been Star Struck yet!

Wed 30th Nov : 

Christmas house art morning.   Parents and carers are welcome to come along at 9.00am if they would like to lend a hand.

Thurs 1st Dec:

Reverse advent calendar begins.  Instead of getting something from an advent calendar we ask, if you wish, for children to bring something in.  This year we are supporting Citadel and are asking for donations of cosy socks (child or teenager), Christmas chocolates, toiletries (for teenagers) or arts and crafts materials.  Our calendar will operate until Fri Dec 16th

6.15pm : Christmas Light Switch on.  Please do come along to the front playground and enjoy some refreshments whilst listening to the choir singing some Christmas songs.   The lights will be switched on at 6.30pm with the raffle being announced at 6.45pm.

Mon 5th Dec:

P6 and P7 Ukrainian learners head on a Harry Potter experience

Tues 6th Dec : 

9.30am : P2 show ‘To Infinity and Beyond’ for parents and carers

Wed 7th Dec:

9.30am : P2 show ‘To Infinity and Beyond’ for parents and carers

pm P7 to SantaLand

Thurs 8th Dec:

Christmas Lunch – order must be placed through ParentPay by Wed 30th Nov

Fri 9th Dec :

9.10am Santa Fun Run.  Join us in Victoria Park!11.00am : Christmas Star Time.  Parents and carers welcome to come along and lend a hand.  Please do ask your child what activity they have signed up to do!

Week of Mon 12th Dec : Silent disco week.  Every class will have the chance to enjoy the silent disco in the playground.

We are also very hopeful that we will have a ‘special visitor’ to school at some point this week!!

Mon 12th Dec :

9.15am Premiere of the P1 Nativity film for P1M and P1J parents and carers(change of date) 

Tues 13th Dec:

9.15am Premiere of the P1 Nativity film for P1S and P1K parents and carers (change of date)

Please see separate email sent to P1 parents and carers.

pm : P2 Christmas Party – children are welcome to come dressed for their party.  Please do remember that they will be outside playing during the day!

Wed 14th Dec :

Choir to sing at the Dome

P3 + P4 Christmas Activity Day including a bit of ‘party’.  Children are welcome to come dressed in casual clothes.

Thurs 15th Dec:

P5 + P6 Christmas Activity Day including a bit of ‘party’.  Children are welcome to come dressed in casual clothes.

pm : P1 Christmas Party – children are welcome to come dressed for their party.  Please do remember that they will be outside playing during the day!

2.00pm P2 Christmas Market in the front playground : parents and carers welcome

Fri 16th Dec:

11.00am Christmas Service – this will take place in the main hall at Trinity Academy and parents and carers are very welcome to join us.

Mon 19th Dec:

PJs and Film : no need to get dressed just come to school in pyjamas!!

Tues 20th Dec:

10.30am Christmas Karaoke

School closes at 12 noon.   Please note that, as for a Friday, a packed lunch will be available but must be ordered in advance.

Jacqueline Scott | Head Teacher | Trinity Primary School

Tel 0131 554 2062 (direct dial 85631) | Email : 

Website :

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Trinity News: November 7th

Dear Parents and Carers

I hope you are well.  As many of you know I was honoured to be awarded an MBE for services to education in the New Years honours list.  Tomorrow will see me being presented with it at an investiture ceremony in Windsor Castle.  I have to say I am very excited!   Last week in assembly Mrs Berthinussen was sharing with our learners how important it is to set yourself goals and this week our learning power is Have a Go Hamster.  When I was appointed HeadTeacher nearly 20 years my goal was to lead a happy and successful school where everyone feels valued and respected.   I have certainly ‘had, and continue to have, a go’ at doing exactly that.  Being awarded an MBE for pursuing my goal is certainly the icing on the cake and I am indebted to everyone who has worked with me in achieving it.   I look forward to seeing many of you at parents’/carers’ meetings later this week.  I’ll bring my medal if you’re interested in seeing it!

Parents’ / Carers’ meetings – please do sign up using the booking system for a chance to meet with your child’s class teacher. Appointments are available on Thursday evening (Nov 10th) and Friday afternoon (Nov 11th).  

Book Fair – our book fair has returned after a break cue to COVID and a selection of books are available for purchase in school this week, either during parents’/carers’ meetings or at the end of the school day.  Payment is by cash only. The school receives commission on what is sold.

Uniform – last week saw over 50 items of unnamed school uniform items being washed and added to our preloved uniform boxes.   Please do take a minute to write your child’s name on a label.  With a name it is so easy to be returned.  

We do ask that school colours (black, yellow, white and grey) are worn at all times including PE days.  If you wish your child to have a change of clothing for PE they are welcome to bring items to school on the day and change into them.  

Play – as we develop play opportunities we are always on the look out for ‘dressing up’ items.  Costume jewellery, hats, ties, scarves, work vests, high heels, adult dresses etc are always welcome as they encourage imaginative play.   

Thank you for your continued support.

Best wishes

Jacqueline Scott  | Head Teacher | Trinity Primary School

Tel 0131 554 2062 (direct dial 85631) | Email : 

Website :

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Open Day

Open Day

Do you have a child starting school in August 2023?

Is Trinity Primary your catchment school?

Come and have a look round on Wednesday 2nd November:

  • 9.00 – 10.00
  • 11.00 – 12.00
  • 1.45 – 2.45

Mrs Berthinussen

Depute Head

Trinity News: October 26th

Dear Parents, Carers and Trinity Learners

Welcome back to school.  For those Trinity families who celebrated Diwali I hope you had an enjoyable time with family and friends.  We are looking forward to hearing from some of our Trinity learners about what Diwali means for them at assembly tomorrow.

How are we doing?

Thank you to those who took time to complete our survey.  It was very encouraging to read the results with our learners scoring our school an average of 4.83 out of 5 and parents /carers scoring us an average of 4.69.    

95% found our Meet the Teacher evening helpful, 93% find Twitter useful, 100% who had received the first profile found it informative, 100% and 91% respectively who attended the MADD event and biscuit and blether enjoyed them and 99% agree that Trinity News keeps them up to date with information.  Very positive feedback!

Whilst it is impossible to suit everyone a point for us to consider is how and where we communicate the range of school information.  

The lack of hot school lunches was also raised as a concern.  This has been escalated through our Parent Council.   I am ever hopeful that we will see a return to a full hot lunch service from Mon Nov 21st with elements of hot food being offered from Mon Nov 14th.

Learning Powers

Our Learning Power for this week and next will be Bella the Cooperative Bee.  Thank you to Riley in P4 who decided on this one.

Friday October 28th 

Halloween sponsored disco from 9.00am.  Costumes encouraged but please not too scary!  

Star Time : 11.00am.  Parents and carers are very welcome to come along to lend a hand.    Please check with your child what they have opted to do so we can direct you to the correct space!

Parents’ evening and afternoon : 10th and 11th November.  

Apologies to those of you who have experienced difficulties using the booking system.  Mrs Boath has been in regular contact with Parent Booking and we are hoping that issues have been resolved.  Please contact if you have been unable to book an appointment.   

Christmas Card fundraising

The deadline for the early bird discount is Thurs Oct 27th (tomorrow)

Thereafter any orders will be at the higher rate.   All orders must be completed online.

I hope that the term ahead proves to be a successful one for us all.  Cannot quite believe that we are heading towards November already.  2022 seems to have flown by!

Best wishes

Jacqueline Scott  

Term Two

Please see a reminder of dates below.  More information will follow regarding individual events.


Thurs 27th  Diwali asssembly

Fri 28th     Halloween sponsored disco and Star Time


Wed 2nd    Open Day for P1 Aug 2023

Thurs 10th  5.00pm – 8.00pm Parents’ Evening

Fri 11th     1.00pm – 3.30pm Parents’ Afternoon

Mon 14th   9.15am and 1.45pm P3 show – more info to follow

Tues 15th   9.15am P3 show – more info to follow

Wed 23rd   P4 to Jupiter Artland – more info to follow

Thurs 24th  P4 to Jupiter Artland – more info to follow

Mon 28th   P5 – P7 : Theatre in Schools

Wed 30th   Christmas Art Day – Christmas jumpers welcome (Christmas jumpers can be              worn throughout December if you would like – we will be holding a jumper                                swap!)


Thurs 1st   6.15pm TPSA Christmas Light switch on

Tues 6th    P1 Nativity – more info to follow

Wed 7th    P1 Nativity – more info to follow

Thurs 8th   Christmas lunch – to be confirmed

Fri 9th      Santa Fun Run and Star Time

Tues 13th   P1 and P2 Christmas party

Wed 14th       P3 – P6 Christmas activity day

Fri 16th    9.15am Christmas Service – venue to be confirmed

Mon 19th       PJs and Film day

Tues 20th   Non uniform day

           Christmas Karaoke

           School closes at 12.00 noon